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Turn Your Idea into a Business.

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Everyone has great business ideas

Why are there not more entrepreneurs in the world? Far too often, typical obstacles such as a lack of capital or programming skills get in the way of bringing great ideas to life. With Hevan, you can create a project to share your idea, grow it within a community of everyone from investors and marketers, to developers and managers, and turn it into a legal business.

Be a part of the next big startup

Everyone can be empowered by becoming an entrepreneur. Hevan provides that option for skilled web developers, innovators, creatives, marketers, managers, and investors by helping them find projects that fits their personality and skill set. By taking advantage of our social community, everyone is able to provide valuable input on great ideas, and submit proposals to either claim equity in that future business or offer a freelance bid.

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Grow a strong and successful business

By forming a business through Hevan, your newly formed business will have access to advantageous tools to help become successful. From the beginning, Hevan’s Partners will have member access to well-recognized brands that will help to provide deals on essentials, cutting down on startup costs. You will also have access to our Mentors - skilled professionals that will help to provide advice and answer business related questions. Finally, when your business launches, Hevan can provide the means to showcase your launch and continuing success to our community as well as media outlets as you grow.